Our Story

J-A-M-E,  Julie-Anthony-Mathieu-Elodie

JAME is, before anything else, a love and friend story between, Julie & Anthony living in Brooklyn, and Elodie & Mathieu living in Provence. 

They have all grown up in the South of France by the Mediterranean sea and the Provence Nature. 

A common passion for the fragrance world and the desire to offer French high-quality, and safe products to everybody, gathered us together in this olfactive adventure!

Atelier Jame just started in January 2020.

Atelier Jame offers a collection of unisex scented candles.


Our products

From a handcraft savoir-faire, our scented candles are hand-poured in our atelier in Provence.

Every single element has been carefully selected to reach an optimal quality for safe and environmentally-friendly

Our scented candles contain natural ingredients and are vegan.
We are not conducting any testing on animal (we love them too much!)

OUR Fragrances

Timeless and sophisticated fragrances from Grasse, containing natural essential oils. 

Our Wax

Vegetal and mineral wax blend composed of rapeseed and coconut. Our waxes are European sourced.

Our Wicks

100% cotton wicks, lead free and no chemical treatment.

Our Glasses

Customized jars, recyclable and reusable.